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Sex Addiction Therapy Manchester

  • I am a Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist specialising in Sex Addiction with consulting rooms in Wilmslow. I help men and women with love or sex addictions to overcome them. If you suffer from any kind of ‘out of control’ sexual behaviours that you are unable to stop, then it is likely you have a sex or love addiction.
  • I am a highly qualified specialist therapist in sex addiction approved by the relevant specialist bodies.
  • I specialise in psychosexual therapy – my only area of practice.
  • I operate from discreet private offices (not a therapy centre) which assures absolute discretion for clients.
  • I have 12 years specialist experience as a psychosexual therapist building upon 20 years managerial experience in the health service.
  • I work with GPs’, the Probation Service, Family Services and other professional bodies.
  • I offer both face to face therapy and coaching support sessions.

These factors help to ensure that as one of my clients you receive the best and most
appropriate guidance and support to help overcome your issue(s).

I deliver one to one and group counselling sessions for sex addictions and other sexual dysfunctions such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic difficulties in men or women, vaginismus, dyspareunia, problems of libido, loss of interest and sexual phobias. I also provide support and guidance in associated communication problems such as; conflict, affairs, divorce and separation, loss of intimacy, relationship break up, LGBT issues and individual therapy for partners who have discovered that their partner is a sex addict.

Professional Fees

For a free 10 minute, no obligation telephone consultation or to book an appointment, please call me on 07885 541794 or email barbarawallacetherapy@gmail.com
Sessions are charged at £70 for 50 minutes.

Hope and support for men and women with sexual addiction and dysfunction in Manchester and Wilmslow