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What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a means by which a person attempts to get their needs met by forming unhealthy attachments to people, romance, sex or a feeling of euphoria. It’s a compulsive chronic craving and/or pursuit of romantic love in an effort to get a sense of security and worth from another person. During the infatuation the person feels a sense of security only to be disappointed again when that intensity fades. The consequences can be severe but the love addict continues to believe that true love will fix everything.

Are you trapped in a cycle of unhealthy attachments, seeking a way out? I offer love addiction therapy and relationship help across Cheshire and the North West. With a compassionate and understanding approach, I’m here to guide you towards a journey of healing and transformation.

Understanding Love Addiction

“One of the hallmarks of love addiction is repeated relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable.”

A love addict’s core fantasy is the expectation that someone else can solve their problems, provide unconditional positive regard at all times, and take care of them. When this unrealistic need isn’t met, love addicts may find themselves feeling resentful, and may create conflict in their relationships with others.

People generally become love addicts due to a past history of abandonment from their primary care givers. Adult love addicts usually recognized as children that their most precious needs for validation, love and connection with one or both parents were not met. This affects their self-esteem dramatically in adult life. It results in a conscious fear of abandonment and an underlying subconscious fear of intimacy. To a love addict, intensity in a relationship is often mistaken for intimacy.

Recognising the root causes of love addiction is the first step towards healing. Whether you’re in Manchester, Liverpool, or the surrounding area, get in touch and together we can help you break free from the cycle and learn how to establish healthier relationships.

Rediscover Healthy Love and Relationships

As an experienced Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist, I’m here to provide you with the compassionate support you need. My approach is grounded in understanding, compassion, and non-judgment, helping you navigate the complexities of love addiction and guiding you towards healthier patterns of attachment and connection.

Don’t let love addiction continue to dictate your relationships and wellbeing. If you’re looking for love addiction therapy in the North West, reach out today and embark on a journey towards healthier attachments, authentic connections, and a more fulfilling life.

If you need help to come to terms with and overcome a love addiction or unhealthy relationship, take the first step to recovery and get in touch. For a free 10-minute, no-obligation telephone consultation or to book an appointment, please fill in the Contact Form, call me on 07968 758525 or email bonniewallace1302@gmail.com . Working with clients in Liverpool, Manchester, and Cheshire, I am here to help.

Sessions are charged at £70 for 50 minutes.

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