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Discovering or being told of your partner’s out of control sexual behaviour can be devastating, life changing and often results in intense distress. Partners of sex addicts feels that their whole world has been turned upside down, experiencing anxiety, fear, dread, and sometimes having hyper-vigilant and ruminating thoughts. Any reminders of the discovery can send the partner into panic as they re-live the experience of betrayal, violation and feeling unsafe. The experience can be like a traumatic event where the partner feels a sense of horror and helplessness.

The partner may feel that your life together is a sham and the life you had is now in question,
or relief at now knowing what’s been wrong in the relationship yet now feeling lost and confused.

I offer to help partners cope with the discovery that they are in a relationship with a sex addict.
For a free 10 minute, no obligation telephone consultation or to book an appointment, please fill in the Contact Form, call me on 07968 758525 or email

Sessions are charged at £70 for 50 minutes.

Hope and support for men and women with sexual addiction and dysfunction in Manchester and Wilmslow